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SW Prototyping for Payments

No payment solution can be brought to life without engaging the complexity of SW-related engagements. The team of senior SW engineers work on both the development and support of our clients. With our knowledge we cover all European standardized communication protocols and platforms, and as the newest development we bring Android-based payment applications to the market (we believe that software is the soul of the electronic payment world today).


Throughout years of serving clients at multiple business levels, we have selected a globally major platform as our future default technology baseline. PAX Technologies, around which we focus on the necessary SW development in order to enable all modern payment functions, is the No. 2 producer in the world (in terms of shipments in FY2017), and we believe it is the most innovative producer on the global market.

Development in this area has changed dramatically over the past year and we are offering a new concept of Android-based payment solutions widening the traditional capabilities of EFT-POS. Those are offered as tailor-made development or white-labeled solutions.

PAX shipped 6.4 million units worldwide in 2017, a growth of 2 million units  compared to  2016. In Europe alone the number of units deployed has increased +60% y-o-y, where sales are doubled in markets like Germany, UK and Eastern Europe, where we are proud to be the exclusive PAX certified reseller for the region of Slovakia and Czech Republic, with the extension of multiple Global accounts under the governance of MPG.

Remote Managed Services

We understand Payments within a wider complexity. The management of the acquisition of businesses requires daily online interaction with the fleet, and for convenience and better operability we have developed following online, web-based tools that meet the highest standards to ensure fast and secure day-to-day operations: POS lifecycle management, Asset Management, Terminal Management System and the Incident Management System.

Customer Services

An integral part of the payment ecosystem are Field and Remote services supporting the solutions deployed in the field, at the locations of Merchants. As the complexity of payment solutions in terms of HW and SW increase,  support services must change in order to accommodate the complex needs as well. It is no longer a payment application installed on the POS: more functions accompany the function set, involving different partners and this all influences how we support our terminals. The service has the following pillars:  Maintenance and Repair, Centralized Hotline and Dispatching services, Certified Key Loading Facilities and Certified Repair Facilities.

Payment Value Added Services

We believe that it is our obligation to help our clients to turn a POS from a cost center into a profit-generating unit by enabling a variety of services within our ecosystem, including Mobile Prepaid Services (Top-Up), Loyalty, Utility Bill Payments and Electronic Meal-Vouchers (more to come soon!).

Payment Gateway and transaction switching services

The Card Transaction Center serves to connect the world of accepting terminals with the world of banking systems. It provides the secure routing of all incoming transactions to target banking authorization centers. The center ensures that each transaction is immediately and securely delivered to a defined direction and that the transmitted information is not disclosed or changed.

The entire system was designed and built to respond effectively to the demands of a modern transaction market. The main benefits can now be seen in the wide modularity of possible integration with the PCI and non-PCI world, the processing speed of individual transactions, the implementation speed of the configuration changes required by clients, sophisticated and user-friendly reporting, and last but not least, the unified acquisition for regional retail clients.

In addition, the part of the center dedicated to banking transactions is regularly certified by PCI DSS standards.

That is why, today, the services of the Card Transaction Centre are used with confidence by dozens of banking and non-banking organizations.

PCI Audits for Merchants/PCI DSS as the Standard for Cardholder Data Protection

Our digital age makes merchants the new target for financial fraud. Occasionally lax security by some merchants enables criminals to easily steal and use personal consumer financial information from payment card transactions and processing systems.

It’s a serious problem – more than 898 million records with sensitive information were breached, out of 4,823 data breaches made public between January 2005 and April 2016, according to

Since Merchants are a key participant in payment card transactions, it is imperative that they use standard security procedures and technologies to thwart the theft of cardholder data.

Merchant-based vulnerabilities may appear almost anywhere in the card-processing ecosystem, including:

  • point-of-sale devices; mobile devices, personal computers or servers; wireless hotspots; web shopping applications; paper-based storage systems; the transmission of cardholder data to service providers; in remote access connections.

Our full range PCI DSS services  offered to our customers include the following:

 PCI DSS preparation program

  • Project preparation and scoping
  • PCI DSS compliance preparation strategy
  • All-inclusive Gap analysis
  • PCI DSS remediation and action plan

PCI DSS implementation

  • PCI DSS consultancy
  • Policy management
  • PCI DSS training

PCI DSS vulnerability management

  • Official ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) scanning via Qualys Inc.
  • Internal vulnerability scanning
  • Web application scans
  • Penetration tests

PCI DSS compliance

  • Official QSA assessment
  • SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) validation

Business Intelligence

We aim to simplify how retailers interact with data. When designing the value propositions, the quality of customer experience and insights were at the forefront. Korner Business Intelligence takes retailers through the journey – quickly and easily collecting, processing and analyzing any type of data. Korner is designed and developed by retail professionals and it is the only analytics solution you will ever need.

Increase of sales and profits

We often hear that analysts spend up to 80% of their time just on data preparation. Our solution provides immediate answers. Stay ahead of the curve, focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Unlock insights from big data

Actionable insights that are easy to understand and implement even for small and medium companies. Find connections and correlations between any product or category in any time period you desire. Choose from a wide variety of predefined report templates.

Make better business decisions

What product makes the most money for your company? Be in the know, understand what really makes your business tick. Whenever knowledge is readily available, effective leadership becomes possible. Maximize customer convenience and ROI.

Acquisitions Services

Are you about to launch a new service for Merchants and looking for a partner to help you  sign-up contracts with them? Or are  you seeking  how to extend the portfolio of your existing clients? Get in touch with us, our sales teams and sophisticated financial services-oriented call-center will  give you a boost.

Payment as a Service

Complex payment solutions and integrations for Retail and Banking, provided as a service where the client chooses the set of components matching specific business needs. We bundle initial project management, payment architecture consultancy, project management, integration, SW development, delivery and onsite installations of the solution, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level support along with SLA, and all this without the need of upfront investment.


We work in a harmonized manner, unifying payment solutions for international clients so they meet the business requirements of client’s subsidiaries in multiple countries at once. Behind this “simple-looking” terms is a complex and sophisticated SW development procedures, in order to create quick and scalable SW solutions. is a software research and development company focusing strongly on network orchestration, automation and management for telco operators, service providers, data center operators, network device vendors and others. Pantheon’s expert software developers have been skillfully developing from scratch or enhancing, fine-tuning existing software solutions for valued customers.’s involvement with the OpenDaylight project  started when it was forming and has been actively taking part ever since. We pride ourselves on placing within the top four contributors to the project, among giants like Cisco, Red Hat and Ericsson, since the initial code drop on 22 March 2013. proved its dedication to the ODL and open-source community with a total 7,008 commitments with 30 contributors in 51 projects since ODL had started to take shape. Today, ODL is the most successful and de-facto open-source SDN controller, thanks to the successful collaborations among member companies. We have delivered many products for our customers based on or using ODL for a wide range of environments like DC, core, edge or IOT.

We provide technical support and state-of-the-art IT learning and training services on-site, either online or through our workshops.

The newest addition to our range of software is, which enables the users to create their own SDN controller according to their specific needs and wants. It is an aggregate of our latest ODL features that are not yet open source, and our set of tools that boosts SDN development time and decreases the time-to-market.

Pantheon Technologies has been a strong supporter of open-source software development and its communities. Since its existence in 2001, we have developed many great, unique software solutions such as but not limited to, Sysrepo, Ligato, to name a few.

Technology is evolving at an accelerating speed. Have us on your side behind you’re not left behind. Let’s talk about evolution.

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